Oleg Stavitsky - CEO of Endel

Episode Summary

In this episode, Kevin Rose interviews Oleg Stavitsky, CEO and co-founder of Endel, a technology that uses data such as circadian rhythms, weather, movement, and heart rate to dynamically generate adaptive sound environments that help with focus, relaxation, and sleep.

Episode Notes

Kevin and Oleg talk psychoacoustics, what it’s like to have created the first algorithm signed to a record deal, how in the world Oleg and his team turned a passion for ambient music into technology that improves human wellness, and more. 

3:52 - Oleg speaks to the inception of the idea for an ambient sound generator

5:00 - Personalizing sounds for each moment of the day 

8:21 - Oleg shares how he landed a spot in the Techstars Music Accelerator program 

12:46 - Kevin asks how the Endel product works given its expansive vision  

20:48 - Creating a methodology that deciphers if an Endel user is in a “state of flow”

26:35 - Adapting environments to meet the moment  

27:32 - “They’re not designed to be consciously listened to,” shared Oleg

32:35 - The moment the press, and the world, noticed Endel

37:05 - Endel’s Apple Watch experience  

40:35 - Kevin inquires about how the platform creates elegant interconnectivity across devices 

Learn more about Endel here: